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Lean Balanced Scorecard

Why combine Lean Startup and the Balanced Scorecard?
"Startups are not baby-sized corporations"

The Lean Balanced Scorecard combines the traditional framework and ideas of the performance measurement instrument as once originated by Kaplan & Norton with the ideas of the Lean Startup movement enabling true control of your startup.

The Lean Balanced Scorecard allows provides you an up-to-date dashboard with carefully selected key performance indicators.

  • Understanding cause-and-effect relationships

  • Keep track of the activities that allow you to control your strategy

  • Nice design, logical structure, up-to-date figures

Meet the team

Ferry Terpelle

Financial Architect
Designs Lean Balanced Scorecards for you by understanding strategy. Experience ranges from multinationals to startups to NGO’s. Follow on Twitter for interesting reads. Well… sometimes it’s rubbish but alas.

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